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The Märklin 37935 Light Mikado, AT & SF

The Märklin 37935 Light Mikado, AT & SF

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The Märklin 37935 Light Mikado, AT & SF is a beautiful steam locomotive with tender that brings the glory days of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (AT & SF) to life on your model railway.

Powerful Performance : This locomotive is equipped with an mfx+ digital decoder and has extensive sound functions. The regulated high-power motor drives 4 axles, which ensures impressive performance on the rails. The non-slip wheels ensure reliable grip even on challenging railway conditions.

Realistic Details : This Light Mikado has been designed down to the smallest detail and has maintenance-free LED lights for lighting. The model is prepared for the installation of a smoke kit (item number 72270) for even more realism. The locomotive has authentic signs of wear, making it look as if it has already traveled many kilometers on the rails.

Sound and Controls : Enjoy the rich sounds of this steam locomotive, including steam locomotive sound, whistle and bell system. You can even digitally adjust the acceleration and braking delay for a realistic driving experience.

Coupling and Details : The locomotive has a close coupling between the locomotive and the tender for a realistic appearance. There are also many metal handles and it comes with engineer and stoker figures for the cab.

Versatility : With a smallest operating radius of 360 mm, this locomotive is suitable for various model railway layouts.

The Märklin 37935 Light Mikado, AT & SF brings the charm and power of American steam locomotives to your model railway. It is a tribute to the rich history of the AT&SF Railway and an asset to any model railroad enthusiast.
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