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Marklin 2600 - Western Pacific F7 "California Zephyr"

Marklin 2600 - Western Pacific F7 "California Zephyr"

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Marklin 2600 - Western Pacific F7 "California Zephyr" Diesel Train Unit - Gauge H0

the set 26600, known as the "California Zephyr," released in 1999. The set consists of a 3-piece diesel train set with 6 elegant silver-colored carriages.

- 3-piece train set: This set consists of a motor car (A unit) and two middle cars (B units).
- Powerful Motor: The motor vehicle (A unit) and one of the B units are equipped with a 5-pole high-power motor (5*DCM).
- Sound and Decoder: The model is digital and equipped with a Märklin FX decoder with sound module, which provides realistic sound effects.
- All Metal Construction: The model is made entirely of metal, which contributes to its durability and stability.
- Colorful Design: The silver and orange color scheme of the locomotive is eye-catching and attracts attention.
- Light Sign and Inscriptions: The company number "805-D" appears as a light sign on the A-unit, while the words "WESTERN PACIFIC" appear in black letters on the same unit.
- Lighting: The lighting is powered by a 16 Volt plug-in lamp and consists of a 2-point front signal (spotlights).
- Carriages Included: In addition to the 3-piece train set, 6 beautiful carriages are part of this set.
- Total Length: The set has an impressive total length of approximately 205 cm.
- Couplings: The locomotive is equipped with a hook coupling (HK 10) at the front. There is a fixed coupling between the units, while the carriages have current-carrying short couplings.
- Adjustable Lighting: The carriages are equipped with adjustable lighting, allowing you to adjust the atmosphere of the train to your wishes.

This model embodies the charm of the "California Zephyr" and adds a touch of American railroad history to your model railroad. With its impressive length and realistic details, it will certainly arouse the admiration of train enthusiasts.
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