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Marklin 26495 - Delaware & Hudson - "Montreal Limited"

Marklin 26495 - Delaware & Hudson - "Montreal Limited"

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Alco PA-1, Delaware & Hudson | Gauge H0 - 26495

Step aboard the nostalgic "Montreal Limited" with the Alco PA-1 from Delaware & Hudson. This set offers a fascinating journey back in time to the 1970s, when this train ran between New York (NY) and Montreal (PQ). Here are the highlights of this striking set:

Double Power: This set consists of a double traction of the heavy diesel locomotive Alco PA-1, powered by 1 controlled high-efficiency propulsion per A-unit. With 2 driven axles and traction tires, these locomotives are ready for any challenge on the rails.

Historical Splendor: The train consists of 5 stylish streamliner express train carriages from Delaware & Hudson, which perfectly capture the atmosphere of that time. Each carriage is equipped with interior lighting, so that the train shines on your model railway in the evening.

Lighting: The locomotive has a three-point headlight that works traditionally and can be controlled digitally. The separately switchable Mars light adds an extra touch of realism. All lighting is provided by low-maintenance warm white LEDs.

Overall Length: This set extends an impressive length of approximately 173.5cm, making it a real eye-catcher on your model railway layout.

Bring the charm and nostalgia of the "Montreal Limited" to your own model railway with the Alco PA-1 from Delaware & Hudson. A wonderful addition to your collection and a historic piece of railway history to enjoy.
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