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Märklin 3362 EMD F7 - HIGH POWER - MFX - SOUND

Märklin 3362 EMD F7 - HIGH POWER - MFX - SOUND

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Märklin 3362 EMD F7 - HIGH POWER - MFX - SOUND

This locomotive is equipped with an ESU LokSound decoder, which offers a full range of sound options. This allows you to bring the rich and authentic sounds of the original F-7 locomotive to life on your model railway. - DOUBLE DRIVEN HIGH POWER & MFX

Märklin 3362 EMD F7 - A Piece of American Railroad History

The Märklin 3362 EMD F7 locomotive of the US (SANTA FE) is a tribute to an iconic period in American railway history. These diesel-electric locomotives belong to the F-series and were produced by the Electro-Motive Division (EMD), a division of General Motors Diesel.

Powerful Performance for Both Freight and Passenger Trains

Originally designed for pulling freight trains, the EMD-F7 locomotives soon found their way to pulling famous passenger trains such as the "Super Chief," "El Capitan," and the "Santa Fe." The locomotive is a masterpiece of American railroad technology and a symbol of strength and reliability.

Märklin Brings the EMD F7 to Life

The Märklin 3362 EMD F7 is a tribute to this legendary locomotive design. The model is entirely dedicated to the details and accuracy of the original. With its yellow-blue color combination and detailed finish, this locomotive radiates true beauty.

A Beautiful Addition to Your Railroad Collection

Whether you are an avid model train collector or simply looking for a piece of American railway history, the Märklin 3362 EMD F7 is a must-have. Add this beautiful model to your railway collection and experience the grandeur of the American railway system.

Driver's Cab with Interior Details

This model offers a detailed driver's cab with interior details, taking realism to the next level. It adds an authentic feel to your railway experience.

Accurate Number Boxes and Lighting

The Märklin 3362 EMD F7 is equipped with accurate lighting and illuminated number boxes. This really brings the model to life on your railway layout at night.

A Piece of Railroad History in Your Hands

With the Märklin 3362 EMD F7 from the US (SANTA FE) you bring a piece of American railway history into your home. Enjoy the nostalgia of the steam train era with this beautiful model, which is suitable for both collectors and model railway enthusiasts.

This model pays tribute to an era when American railroads reached their zenith, and it brings the magic of that era to life on your model railroad layout. Witness the power and elegance of the Märklin 3362 EMD F7 from the US (SANTA FE) and add this masterpiece to your collection.

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