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Märklin 37777 - Railzeppelin - DRG 1931

Märklin 37777 - Railzeppelin - DRG 1931

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Märklin 37777 - Railzeppelin - DRG 1931

Step back in time to 1931 with the Märklin 37777 Railzeppelin. This unique train, powered by propellers, was a masterpiece of engineering and design in its time and has now been beautifully reproduced for model railway enthusiasts.

🚄 Features:
- Kruckenberg rail zeppelin in the operating condition of 1931 with the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (DRG).
- Built-in digital decoder mfx with extensive sound functions for realistic effects.
- Interior lighting for a detailed view of the train interior.
- White two-point headlights for authentic lighting.

This model, with a vehicle length of approximately 28.5 cm, pays tribute to the innovation and elegance of the original rail zeppelin. Whether you are a lover of historic trains or are simply looking for a unique piece for your model railway, the Märklin 37777 is a wonderful choice.

Add this piece of railway history to your collection and enjoy the fascinating world of the rail zeppelin. Order today! 🛤️🚆🌟
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