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Märklin 37976 - Steam locomotive with pulled tender - Gauge H0

Märklin 37976 - Steam locomotive with pulled tender - Gauge H0

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Märklin 37976 - Steam locomotive with pulled tender - Gauge H0

The Märklin 37976 brings to life the power and splendor of the Pennsylvania Railroad's class L-1 freight locomotive. This steam locomotive, based on the United States Railroad Administration (USRA) standard type 2-8-2 "Mikado", is a tribute to the American railway era from 1918.


- Detailed Design: The model is meticulously crafted and reflects the distinctive style of the L-1 locomotive.
- Digital mfx Decoder and Sound Generator: Equipped with a digital mfx decoder and a sound generator for realistic sound effects.
- High Power Engine with Flywheel: The locomotive has a powerful high power engine with bell armature and flywheel in the boiler for smooth performance.
- Anti-slip tires: Anti-slip tires provide excellent traction on the rails.
- Smoke generator: The smoke generator (72270) can be retrofitted for extra realism.
- Sound functions: Depending on the speed, the locomotive offers synchronized sound effects such as steam locomotive sound, whistle, bell and acceleration and braking delay.
- Inset Metal Handrails: Detailed, metal handrails add realism to the design.
- Engineer and Stoker figures: The model comes with figures of the engineer and stoker for the cab, which breathes extra life into your model.

With a minimum operating radius of 360 mm and a total length over the couplings of 29 cm, this locomotive is suitable for many model railways. The Märklin 37976 pays tribute to an iconic period in the history of American railways and will appeal to collectors and model railway enthusiasts alike. A must-have for every H0 railway.

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