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Märklin 37997 Big Boy UP | Gauge H0 - Steam locomotive series 4000

Märklin 37997 Big Boy UP | Gauge H0 - Steam locomotive series 4000

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Märklin 37997 Big Boy UP | Gauge H0 - Steam locomotive series 4000 with oil combustion

The Märklin 37997 Big Boy UP is a tribute to the legendary series 4000 "Big Boy" of the Union Pacific Railroad (UP), and represents a historic powerhouse on your model railway. This oil-fired steam locomotive, company number 4014, brings the nostalgia of the railway era to life with modern technology.


- Digital Power: Equipped with an mfx+ digital decoder and extensive sound functions, this locomotive offers an exceptional performance. The controlled high-efficiency propulsion and 8 driven axles ensure smooth and powerful operation.

- Realistic Lighting: The model is equipped with maintenance-free warm white LED lights for headlights, number plates and cabin lighting. The front signal, number plates and smoke generator contact can be switched both conventionally and digitally.

- Smoke generators: The locomotive is suitable for installing two smoke generators 7226, allowing the creation of realistic smoke effects.

- Curve Following Articulated Undercarriage: The articulated undercarriage of the Big Boy effortlessly follows the curves in your rails. The middle coupling shafts are spring-loaded and the steam pipes are swiveling with the cylinders.

- Speaker and Sound: The tender contains a powerful speaker with adjustable volume. Enjoy realistic sound effects, such as the changing headlights, the typhoon, the bell system and more.

- Details and Figures: The model features mounted metal handles and comes with figures of an engineer and a stoker for the cab.

- Versatility: The locomotive can be used on curved rails with a radius from 360 mm, but for optimal performance a larger radius is recommended. Due to the size of the Big Boy, signals, overhead line masts, bridge railings, tunnel portals and other objects must maintain sufficient distance from the rails. Sturdy rail mounting is necessary due to the high weight of the locomotive. Turntable and overhead bridge can only be used in the drive-through position.

The Märklin 37997 Big Boy UP comes in a wooden cassette and is a striking showpiece for any model railway. With his realism and power he brings the grandeur of the railway past to life. Products bearing "Union Pacific" are made under trademark license from the Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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