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Märklin 39243 - The Elegant Powerhouse of the Simplon Orient Express

Märklin 39243 - The Elegant Powerhouse of the Simplon Orient Express

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Märklin 39243 - The Elegant Powerhouse of the Simplon Orient Express

Travel back in time to the glory days of the French East Railway (EST) with the Märklin 39243 express train steam locomotive class 13 EST. This beautiful model pays tribute to the heavy express steam locomotive of the Simplon Orient Express and embodies the elegance and power of transport from that time. Here are some highlights of this masterpiece:

Historical Splendor

The locomotive, with company number 241 A 002, takes you straight back to 1933 with its type-specific smoke deflectors and two-point headlights with one lamp above and one lamp below. This model is a faithful representation of the original locomotive.

Modern technology

The Märklin 39243 is equipped with a digital decoder mfx+ and offers extensive light and sound functions. The locomotive has a controlled high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel in the boiler, which ensures smooth and powerful performance on your model railway.

Exceptional Construction

With 4 powered axles and traction tires, this locomotive is built for traction and stability. Both the locomotive and the tender are largely made of metal, which ensures durability and a realistic weight.

Light and Smoke Effects

Enjoy the realistic lighting with maintenance-free, warm white LED lights and switchable operator cabin lighting. The built-in smoke generator (from 72270) adds an extra layer of authenticity.

Flexible connection

The adjustable coupling mechanism between the locomotive and the tender ensures a reliable connection. A speed-energized close coupling with NEM shaft is attached to the tender.

With a minimum rideable arc radius of 437.5 mm, this locomotive is suitable for various track layouts. The set comes with brake hoses, heating coupling and stylized screw couplings.

Take a journey through time and add the Märklin 39243 to your model railway collection. With its combination of historic elegance and modern technology, this locomotive will make a striking appearance on your rails.
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