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Märklin 39622 - Coca-Cola Diesel Locomotive F7

Märklin 39622 - Coca-Cola Diesel Locomotive F7

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Märklin 39622 - Coca-Cola® Diesel Locomotive F7

Step aboard a unique piece of railway history with the Märklin 39622 Coca-Cola® Diesel Locomotive F7. This breathtaking locomotive is based on the iconic Coca-Cola® design and will undoubtedly turn heads on your model railway layout.

Striking Design : This locomotive is a one-off design with the striking Coca-Cola® design, which is recognizable worldwide. With its vibrant colors and bold logos, this locomotive is a real collector's item.

Digital Powerhouse : The Märklin 39622 is equipped with a digital decoder mfx+ and extensive sound functions. This allows you to fully control this powerhouse. With controlled high-efficiency propulsion in each A-unit, driving each of the 2 axles, this locomotive offers impressive performance.

Realistic Lighting : The headlights change with the direction of travel, and the illuminated number plates and position lights add an extra layer of realism. This lighting can be switched both conventionally and digitally and makes the locomotive even more impressive.

Attention to Detail : The operator's cabs feature interior details and mounted metal handles. The fixed drawbar between the locomotive units and the included snow thrower provide extra functionality.

Impressive Dimensions : With a length over the couplings of approximately 53 cm, this locomotive is an imposing appearance on your model railway.

With the Märklin 39622 Coca-Cola® Diesel Locomotive F7 you not only pay tribute to a world-famous brand, but you also add an unmistakable piece of character to your model railway layout. Enjoy the power, design and precision of this unique locomotive.
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