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Märklin 39862 - BR 189 213 "Linked by Rail" - A Powerful Beauty

Märklin 39862 - BR 189 213 "Linked by Rail" - A Powerful Beauty

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Märklin 39862 - BR 189 213 "Linked by Rail" - A Powerful Beauty

As a lover of model railways and beautiful locomotives, you should not miss this Märklin 39862 BR 189 213 "Linked by Rail". Here are the features of this impressive locomotive:

A Powerful Electric Locomotive

This locomotive is based on the electric multi-system locomotive 189 213 "Linked by Rail" of the ERS Railways, with a factory designation of ES 64 F4. With an axle layout of Bo'Bo' and built from 2002 onwards, this model represents modern technology and elegance on rails.

Advanced Digital Controls

Thanks to the built-in digital decoder mfx+ and extensive sound functions, you have complete control over this locomotive. The controlled high-efficiency propulsion ensures smooth and powerful performance on your model railway.

Realistic Details

The locomotive is equipped with 4 driven axles with anti-slip tires for optimal grip. The three-point headlights and the 2 red rear lights can be operated both conventionally and digitally. The lighting is provided by maintenance-free warm white LEDs, which bring your model railway to life.

Attention to detail

The cabins of this locomotive are decorated in detail, and the grab bars are made of high-quality metal. You can be assured that every aspect of this locomotive has been carefully designed and crafted.

A Complete Package

The Märklin 39862 BR 189 213 comes with a certificate of authenticity and special packaging to emphasize the value and exclusivity of this model.

With a length of approximately 22.5 cm, this locomotive will be an impressive addition to your model railway layout. Don't miss this opportunity to add the power and beauty of the BR 189 213 "Linked by Rail" to your collection. Order it today and let your passion for model railways shine.
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