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Märklin 39864 - ES 64 F4-206 "Vincent van Gogh" - Power and Art on Rails

Märklin 39864 - ES 64 F4-206 "Vincent van Gogh" - Power and Art on Rails

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Märklin 39864 - ES 64 F4-206 "Vincent van Gogh" - Power and Art on Rails

If you are looking for a locomotive that is both powerful and artistic, the Märklin 39864 ES 64 F4-206 "Vincent van Gogh" is the perfect choice. Here are the highlights of this striking locomotive:

The Power of Electric Drive

This locomotive is based on the ES 64 F4-206 (series 189) "Vincent van Gogh" of ERS Railways, with a manufacturer's designation of ES 64 F4. The axle layout is Bo' Bo', and this modern locomotive was built from 2002 onwards.

Digital Precision

With the mfx+ digital decoder and extensive sound functions you have complete control over this locomotive. The controlled high-efficiency propulsion ensures excellent performance on your model railway.

Realistic Details

With 4 powered axles and traction tires, this locomotive is designed for smooth operation and excellent traction. The three-point headlights and the two red rear lights can be operated both conventionally and digitally.

Lighting with Style

The lighting is provided by maintenance-free warm white light-emitting diodes (LED lamps), which not only provides realism, but is also energy efficient.

Attention to detail

The engineer's cabs feature interior detailing, and the locomotive has mounted metal handles for an authentic look.

An Impressive Whole

With a total length over the buffers of 22.5 cm, the Märklin 39864 ES 64 F4-206 is an impressive addition to your model railway.

In short, this locomotive offers power, precision and a touch of art to model railway enthusiasts. With its tribute to "Vincent van Gogh", this locomotive will certainly catch the eye on your track. Order the Märklin 39864 today and let the power and art on your rails come to life.
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