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Marklin 60226 - Central Station 3

Marklin 60226 - Central Station 3

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Marklin 60226 - Central Station 3🚂

Upgrade your model railway with the modern Central Station 3 from Marklin! This multi-protocol control unit with a high-resolution color touchscreen provides ultimate control over your locomotives and accessories.

Key Features :
- Control up to 32 locomotive functions.
- Switch up to 320 Motorola or 2048 DCC magnet-controlled accessories.
- Built-in locomotive card readers for easy access to locomotives.
- Integrated SD card reader for expandable memory.
- Built-in speaker for realistic sound effects.
- Powerful booster for power supply.

🔌 Connectivity:
- Compatible with additional Central Station 3 Plus devices.
- Supports multiple control panels, layouts and keyboards.
- USB hosts for mouse, keyboard, and USB stick.
- Network connection for PC communication.
- Connections for 2 Mobile Stations and external speakers.

Upgrade your model railway experience with Central Station 3 and discover the power of advanced control and flexibility! 🛤️🎮
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