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ROCO 7520010 -7178 - NS 1700 - VolkerRail Edition

ROCO 7520010 -7178 - NS 1700 - VolkerRail Edition

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πŸš„ ROCO 7520010 - Electric Locomotive 7178, VolkerRail Edition πŸš„

Discover the beauty of modern railway technology with the Electric Locomotive 7178 from VolkerRail, exclusively available at ROCO. This locomotive embodies innovation, efficiency and collaboration and is a valuable asset to any railway enthusiast. πŸ›€οΈπŸ”Œ

Most important features:
- Unique model, only available from ROCO
- Modern design with air conditioning and signal horn box
- Innovative pantographs with sturdy mounting
- Detailed with many loose, precisely attached parts, some using etching technology
- Individually switchable headlight, taillight and driver's cabin lighting in digital mode
- Developed in collaboration with VolkerRail

In a remarkable move, VolkerRail acquired three 1700 series locomotives and three spare locomotives from the Dutch Railways in October 2020. After extensive maintenance and a beautiful new paint job in their recognizable colors, VolkerRail proudly presented their very first electric locomotive: the "VolkerRail 7178," which was put into service in January 2021. This locomotive, previously known as NS 1778, is now the driving force behind various work trains within the Dutch railway infrastructure. πŸšžπŸŽ‰

Experience the synergy of modern rail technology and the spirit of cooperation with the ROCO 7520010 - Electric Locomotive 7178, a tribute to progress and achievement in the world of railways. πŸš†πŸŒŸ
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